Top 3 things that can increase your home value

Oct 24, 2021

In the Maltese Real Estate Market, the competition is really high and it is getting harder every day for your property to stand out among the others. The pass of time can be an ally, however, house prices are really volatile and unpredictable, therefore, it is always better to take the matter into hands and know where to focus with the goal of increasing the value of your property in Malta. 

Many could think of some features such as air conditioning or a correct electric system. These features are really common to be implemented in the majority of properties, however, in one of our previous articles we also recommend taking a look at those characteristics in order to sell your property the quickest way possible, you can check those tips here.

Without any further delay let’s get into the Top 4 things that can surely increase your Home value in Malta. 

1. Keep your house interior updated.

The fact of having your house interior outdated and needing some extra investment to refurbish the house by the buyers, will really not be the best idea for your own sake. The interior design trends change after some long times, years or can even take a decade, so no rush but do not sleep on the laurels, being tuned and with an updated interior house is essential. However, some basic recommendations such as the use of neutral colours, it is always a safe bet. Those colours are recommended because of the effect they cause making the property look bigger and fresher, some good attributes to increase your house value, right?

Thus, despite having your house clean, you also need to revamp your house interior, with special emphasis on the kitchen and the bathroom. Do not let any imperfections noticeable such as cracked tiles, peeled walls or used up furniture diminish your property value. Regardless of your house size, the kitchen and the bathroom are key house parts that can not be neglected, up to the whole house in general, which takes us to the next important influential aspect of this article’s title.

2. Have extra space and know-how to exploit it at must.

Having extra space in your property such as a terrace, a garden or a garage will be extremely valuable to your property value. This aspect becomes more significant nowadays due to the change in work paradigms and many people being able to work remotely thanks to the new technologies, a change which for sure has been propelled as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Having more space to work, taking care of your pets at home, having the possibility to enjoy your terrace with your loved ones or being able to don’t worry about finding a parking space in some crowded areas of the island are really relevant aspects in terms of your property value.

However, as we said with your property interior, taking proper care of the exterior is as important or even more important than the interior. We know it is said to don’t judge a book by his cover, but the potential buyers, whom at last are the ones who will offer you the monetary value you desire for selling or renting your property, will immediately deduce the property value and of course, they will infer from the exterior the interior state.

Therefore, remember that a property that takes advantage of all its space in the best possible manner, will increase its value. Also, be sure to don’t have any details which can be considered detrimental to your property’s value, such as inadequate calking or poorly sealed windows. The outside of the property will also affect the interior and we can not forget that in Malta the insolation and the old construction materials have to be taken care of so the property has strong health. These exterior spaces assure the people some relaxing spaces and follow the Roman phrase “Mens Sana in corpore sano” 

3. Making your property a “smart one”.

Giving the people absolute and simple control of their property it really enhances your property value indubitably. Nowadays it is a trend of using the new technologies in order to make the people’s lives simpler and safer as well with smart alarms, smart home appliances and smart lighting. 

Having absolute control of your property and its state can really help your comfort and satisfaction knowing at all times and whenever you are how your house is doing. A cat has entered your garden and is ruining your garden plants, you forgot to turn off the AC on a sunny summer day in Malta or you want the blinders to be open so the sun can heat your room on a cold autumn day in Malta and you are out of home can be inform from your smart house to you through your smartphone and you can take matters into your own hands, or better said into your fingertips.

To sum up, we believe that there are several things you can do to increase your property value without having to wait just for the time passes or believe once you purchase a property, you can not do anything related to the improvement of your property. We encourage everybody to take into account these tips.
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