Should you contact an agency?

Sep 09, 2019

Selling a property is not an everyday occurrence, so trusting an real estate to take care of the sale may seem a little unnerving.

Selling or buying?

Sometimes, due to the stress of renting or selling our property,we are in a hurry and do not pay attention in the previous process to the steps that must be taken before starting to look for the perfect buyer or tenant.

Before starting to promote our property, sale or rental, we should take a few steps, as we will explain in another article, in order to ensure success. One of these steps is to choose whether we will manage it autonomously or through an agency.

The final price of a property determines the success or failure of the operation.


Managing it on our own will give us freedom but on the other hand will bring us greater benefit, although these benefits can sometimes be relative as we will explain below. Managing it independently will generate less expenses, but we will need full dedication.

Hiring an agency?

When we are hiring an agency, we should keep in mind that we are putting our property in the hands of professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the real estate market. They can advise you in the previous process, the subsequent sale and during the time of signing the contract. A good advisor could mean the difference between a good agreement or a headache.

The main function of an agency is to find the perfect tenant or buyer for that property and vice versa, so the previous step filtering clients and calls is in charge of the agency, saving time and effort. Keep in mind that real estate agencies do the work of intermediaries for both buyers and sellers and therefore, have a large portfolio of clients who may be interested in your house..

An agent will be in charge of coordinating the visits to the property so, if you do not have time, he can also show it independently.

Agents tend to have a good eye for detail, so they will control small details of the house that may have been missed and will also be responsible for mediation and negotiation.

The final price of a property determines the success or failure of the operation. One of the biggest headaches is the definition of the price of the house: How much does a square meter of the area cost? Will it be possible to sell second-hand housing without having to invest in it? Can I increase the value of my house after a renovation? Do not worry! A real estate agent can answer all of your questions.

Many of the sales or rentals of real estate transactions are handled incorrectly due to ignorance of procedures and legal terms by both parties. This is the main reason why individuals usually go to real estate agencies to manage the sale of their home.

In case of leaving it in the hands of experts, it is also necessary to assess whether it is transferred to a single exclusive agency or the property is delivered to several agencies to have more sales options. The two possibilities, again, have advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the house is more visible if it has more than one agency. However, giving the property to an exclusive agency offers advantages like; knowing there are no more competitors and strives more for the sale, knowing all economic benefit will be theirs.

If you are determined to sell your house with a professional you must take into account the following factors in order to choose the right real estate agency:

  • May it give you security.
  • That you know the area of the property and its main characteristics well.
  • All the services offered which save time and stress for you.
  • Your professionalism or previous sales experience.
  • That the fees offered are consistent with the services provided.
Not sure about your decision yet?

If you still do not know what decision to make, you can contact us at and we will advise you for free, remember that we are not an agency.

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