House rental in Malta: Rental options & payment methods

Oct 11, 2021

Have you just moved to Malta or are planning to do so shortly thus you are wondering how you can pay your rent? No worries at all, this article will explain to you the different Rental options available so you can assess for yourself which method fits you the best.

Without further delay, these are the payment methods of rental in Malta.

Using a Real Estate Agency

Before coming to the island, you can use the services of a Real Estate Agency. There are more than 200 agencies in Malta, so there is a wide variety where you can choose from. Depending on the let term, short let (less than 6 months) or long let (6 months or more),  the Real estate agents will receive a commission. If it is a short lease, they will receive 10% of the total lease cost, 5% from the landlord and 5% from the new tenant.  On the other hand, if it is a long lease, the agent will receive half a month’s rent, of which 50% of the rental fee will come down from your landlord and the other 50% from you, the tenant. 

Nevertheless, there are some cases where your agent will negotiate a better rental fee for you. You can contact all these companies from your home country and from there let them know what are you looking for: the areas you would like to live in, the house utilities, the rent term, etc. and of course, the budget you have so you can receive a list of properties available for you which match your requirements. 

If you use this option, you have two pathways to proceed:

Come to the island a few days earlier, stay in a hotel, have a meeting with your real agent, whom you have already spoken with back in your home country, and go to visit with him the different properties you would be interested in renting. Once you choose the property you would like to rent, you will sign a lease agreement and the majority of the time, you would have a new house to live in right away!

If you prefer to come to the island to live directly in your rented house, you can conduct all the communication with your agent in a telematic way, check the properties he sends you by pictures, videos or even 3D tours of the properties and after all, in case you are satisfied with any of those properties and sign the lease contract electronically.

Renting directly from Landlords

If you prefer to do your own house search and don’t count on the services of a Real Estate Agency, you have the alternative of contacting the house owners. For that purpose, you can check at the classified section of the newspaper or, enter one of the many websites where some house owners gathered in order to offer their properties for rent. 

However, many of these platforms are free-entrance, which means that anyone can post a property for rent without any verification. We recommend only contacting verified owners, due to the fact that many times paying a security deposit is required to be paid beforehand, this usually means paying a monthly rent amount. Therefore, we do not say it is common, but sometimes there have been unfortunately frauds in this regard and renters have lost their money without obtaining the desired house rent.

Renting from property portals

If you want to visit a place online where you can get in touch with both Real Estate agents and property owners, the property portals could be a recommendable option for you. The aim of these platforms is to gather all the properties available for sale or to rent, making a robust database (with owners and real estate agencies) where the prospect lessees and house buyers can search for the property they are seeking for and create listings within these portals.

Also, many of these portals offer relevant services to the real estate, internally or externally hired, such as video house tours, publishing house options or give important insights about the lifestyle and the Maltese Real Estate background, something really relevant to any foreigner who is planning to come to rent a house in Malta.

Regarding the rent payment methods, they are agreed upon once the lease contract is signed. Sometimes landlords gather the rent amount on the agreed date of each of the rent months. All these payments are recommended to be done via bank transfers and it is a key aspect to establish before signing the lease agreement. 

In addition to this, we recommend doing a utility house inventory and signing it with the landlord. Doing so, all the utility conditions will be noted and all the parts involved in the rental process will be secured by getting back their security deposit, in the renter´s case or, keep the security deposit in case there has been any damage from the tenant towards the house utilities.

As a last tip which will work for any of the rent options or payment rent methods you choose. Be sure to check with your landlord and have the registration type of your property verified in writing to ensure you are paying a fair rate, or, register the utilities of the property in your name if possible. To register utilities in your name you must have a Maltese ID card.

 To sum up

Whichever rent option or payment method you choose, be aware of having all the most trustable and safe information of the Maltese Real Estate environment. Our personal recommendation is to check all of these options, but especially take a look into the Real Estate Agencies and the property portals. In these last ones, we believe you could find the majority of advantages of contacting Real estate agencies and property owners with really minimized disadvantages. Check out our search engine so you can have a global notion of the property rent in Malta!

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