How to work from home in three easy steps

Aug 11, 2021

If you are still working remotely, it is time to start accepting that this makeshift office will begin to be frequented more often. Either if you are going to work both remote and in-person or just teleworking, you should adapt your working space at home. This will help you to be more efficient at work but also it will allow you to balance your working and private life in a healthier way.

Find a fixed place for it 


Find a place inside your home that you will dedicate to work. It can be a room or a desk, but it is important to find a fixed place for working at home. 

It should be a space only for working, aside from helping you to save time moving things around this will also help you to concentrate. Working remotely offers you the flexibility to balance private life and work, but we shouldn’t mix them, otherwise, we will find ourselves working at irregular hours in our free time or we would end up not being efficient and effective at work getting distracted.

You can share the same working space with other family members or flatmates. This helps to create a more stimulating working environment, but it is important to( focus and not be carried away from  ) avoid distractions or regular small talk that may make you lose track on your tasks.

Remember to take breaks outside of this working area. Studies proved that breaks are important to reduce and prevent stress but also to help you to maintain your performance. Making these breaks, including lunch breaks, outside of the working area will help you to disconnect but it will also help you to keep the working area just for working.


Keep it clean and organized

Having an ordered workspace gives you many advantages. On one hand, it considerably reduces the stress of not finding something. Having a poor organization takes time away from your priority tasks and doesn’t allow you to focus. On the other hand, having everything well organized will allow you to find whatever you need with just a glance.
  1. Clean your desk regularly 

  2. Keep a trash can at hand and empty it regularly 

  3. Avoid eating at your desk

  4. Keep your drawers and cabinets organized

  5. Stop stockpiling supplies and papers


Personalize and decorate your working area

Create your space to work quietly at home, clear the area and decorate it to your liking. It is convenient to avoid overloading it, but it is always better to have a couple of decorative elements in order to give life to the chosen working space or room. 

Some plants or decorative elements will make you feel more comfortable while working, either at the office or at the working-dedicated space at home.

Eliminate distractions. While it is important to decorate your working area it is also essential to not overload the space. You will not be distracted so easily and you will eliminate the discomfort of being surrounded by devices that you do not need.

 A neat, clean and nice workplace increases employees’ morale and transforms the working space into a cleaner, safer, healthier, happier work environment.

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