How to quickly sell your house: 8 easy rules

Aug 23, 2021


Why is it fundamental to properly prepare your house before selling it?


Research has shown that a well-kept, lit and clean property gets sold quicker. Thus all the following tips are just to shorten the selling process and to get your house sold as soon as possible.

1. Active participation of the owner.


If you decide to sell your property through an agency we have the certainty that the cooperation between owner and agent is the first element that will determine the success of the whole selling process. Relying on the agent’s experience and knowledge and being willing to learn from his advice is a must. If you are convinced that preparing the property before selling is not necessary because you are thinking “If they like the house they will buy it anyway” then, it is better you sell it on your own.


2. Eliminate all that is superfluous.


A golden rule to follow when selling a house is to depersonalize and ease all the different areas of the house. That means, to remove all personal objects (including political and religious symbols, do not take it personally and focus only on the goal of selling the house) from walls, shelves and furnishings. You have to do your best to make the viewer picture himself living there. Moreover, it is just when you are about to move that you realize how many objects you have been accumulating and that surprisingly you don’t even remember having. Objects that you haven’t used for ages, objects that you don’t even like, the solution? Get rid of them! Give them to a charity shop, certainly, someone will find them useful. The advantage of this is that you will have less stuff to move from one place to another and the house will look neater and cleaner for the viewer.


3. Check the lighting of the premises.


Check all the light bulbs, spotlights and LED on your property and be sure all are perfectly working. You want to avoid switching on the lights and have the feeling that there is no difference. That is why if you have any cold lights you should replace them with a warmer one, and when the buyer is about to come switch all of them on. This will make a big impact on the viewer’s opinion about the house because everyone loves a well-lit house.


4. Whitewash the house.


How beautiful is a freshly painted house? Priceless you would say!

It gives you an immediate feel of cleanliness and rejuvenates the premises.

You immediately recognize a house freshly painted, thus if you haven’t whitewashed your house in a while, and there are marks of old paintings or old tape marks of the poster of your favourite band, it is time to do it. We recommend painting with light colour. 

 It might seem a waste of time and money, but trust me it would save a lot of time in the selling process and it will increase the actual value of the property.


5. Cleanliness is a must.


Selling empty villas or apartments doesn’t simplify sales as the majority of people might think. Mainly if those properties that are empty are even dirty, possibly you are thinking “who would ever present a house dirty” but trust me that the cleaning factor isn’t so obvious. Moreover, cleaning an empty place is even easier and faster, without the hassle of moving the furniture.

If for any reason you don’t feel like or you aim high-quality results a professional cleaning agency can be the solution.  


6. Natural lighting.


As we mentioned earlier, lighting is a relevant factor to take care of when selling a house, whether it is natural or artificial. Shutters are an important visual part of the property, make sure they are perfectly working and good-looking. Be sure to open all of them before the viewing and take into account that the sun exposure of the property is one of the first things that determine the liking of a house.


7. House maintenance.


In every house, there is some maintenance to be done, possibly small things that you are aware of but you didn’t have the time for fixing them. However, if you choose to sell your home you have to fix all those pending things, don’t be lazy and think that no one would ever realize these small things, because there is always an eye that falls where it should not. If there are many jobs to be done or some of them are just too complicated you can call a handyman that will fix all those small things in a short time so you will be relaxed when the viewing day comes.


8. Strengthen the characteristics of your house.

If your property has any particular characteristics such as a swimming pool, a garden, etc. Make sure those look perfect. For example, the swimming pool, internal or external, has to be full and properly working; swimming pools are a plus, who views a house with a pool does it because he knows about it and he is expecting to find it in function. The same thing for the garden, be sure it is cut and good looking, remove all the leaves around and trim the plants to give the garden a sense of order. Whatever it is the special characteristic of your house, be sure it is at its best, because it will be a decisive point. 

Keep those points in mind either when selling or buying a property. I am certain that those rules will help sell your house quicker.

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