How to enjoy your terrace in autumn

Oct 05, 2021

How to enjoy your terrace in autumn?

We are lucky to live in a country that enjoys sunshine and an enviable temperature almost every day of the year. Despite this, we have the belief that we can only enjoy the terrace of our house in summer. Nothing is further from reality.

If lockdown has taught us anything, it is to enjoy the outdoor spaces and, therefore, our terrace. However, we must follow a series of tips that will allow us to enjoy it throughout the year, especially now that autumn is coming, which for many, is the best time of the year, since the weather is still warm, but not the suffocating heat of summer.


Tips to take advantage of the terrace in autumn

As we pointed out, the terraces should not be only for summer. If we adopt them properly we can enjoy them almost every day of the year, so… Let’s get to work!

Insulate your terrace from the cold and wind with pergolas or enclosures.

Despite the fact that, as we said, in Malta, we enjoy an enviable temperature, there are quite cold days, in which it seems impossible to enjoy the terrace. But that’s not entirely true. Obviously, it is outdoors and this is the main problem, but if we cover it properly we can raise its temperature by several degrees Celsius.

We can set pergolas or gazebos, which in addition to giving elegance and privacy to the space will allow us to protect ourselves from the cold since most have waterproof curtains and, some of them, even built-in stoves. We can also install lattices to place plants and, thus, create vertical gardens, which in addition to beauty will provide privacy and thermally insulate the terrace.

Another option is to opt for enclosures for the garden, or closed carpentry or glass roofs, which, although they are much more expensive than a pergola or a gazebo, will completely isolate the terrace.


Shelter the terrace for use in autumn

Isn’t it true that we warm ourselves at home in winter? Well, the terrace should not be less. In order to protect ourselves from the cold outside, we can choose to dress it in wool, cotton or felt blankets, which in addition to protecting us from the low temperatures, will give it a homey touch outside and allow us to lie down to enjoy the pleasant autumn sun.

In order to maximize the use of the terrace, it is also advisable to install outdoor stoves, braziers or fireplaces, which provide heat, warmth and will become the centre of attention of the space.

We can complete the space with candles, garlands and lanterns, which although they will not raise the temperature, will give an extra point of comfort and warmth.


Choose sturdy outdoor furniture for year-round use

The terrace furniture must be resistant and treated to be outdoors; otherwise, it won’t last a season. For this, we must resort to synthetic fibres, plastic, stainless steel or treated wood.

Likewise, if we do not use them for a few days because we are going on vacation, or to our second residence, we must cover them to protect them from bad weather and dirt, covering them with covers created for this purpose.


Redistribute the terrace space to take advantage of the sun

As far as possible, we must try to get the sun in our chill-out area. It must be kept in mind that in Malta the South and East orientations are the ideal ones since they are the ones that enjoy the most hours of natural light; Thus, we must analyze the orientation of our terrace and distribute it in such a way that it makes the most of the light and heat.

If we follow all these tips we will be able to enjoy the terrace during the fall and, surely, most of the winter.


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