Dardingli property website to provide free or reduced rental rates apartments to vulnerable sectors and healthcare workers battling COVID-19

Apr 02, 2020

Frontline workers have been advised not to live together due to fears they may infect each other.

Dardingli property website, in collaboration with local agencies, NGOs and owners, is going to provide free or reduced rental rates apartments for doctors and nurses who have been told they cannot live together due to fears they may contract coronavirus, people living with at-risk people or people suffering domestic violence.

People older than 65 and vulnerable persons with pre-existing medical conditions will be forced to stay at home throughout Malta from Saturday, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne announced on Thursday. The measure aims to protect the most vulnerable members of the population and will apply to insulin-dependent diabetics, patients on biologicals, patients on chemotherapy or who underwent such treatment in the past six months, patients who are immuno-suppressed such as those with transplants and HIV, people who undergo renal dialysis, pregnant women, patients who were admitted to hospital for some respiratory disease over the past year, anybody who had a heart condition in the past six months, all those who attend the heart failure clinic and people on oral steroids.


Those who live with people in any of these categories will have to observe the lockdown or find alternative accommodation.

The ministry for health Malta recommends to STAY AT HOME, avoid going out unnecessarily, avoid all kinds of social gatherings, maintain a distance of 1 metre from others.

The country’s leading proptech website is going to do its bit for the national effort to beat Coronavirus by sourcing free rooms or discounted apartments for our frontline workers, people living with at-risk persons, and people suffering domestic violence. The platform will also offer this option to people who had lost the job due to the current crisis. The property portal expects to be able to start allocating the free digs from next week.
Persons ending unemployed and previous not benefitting from rent subsidy, can now benefit from the rent subsidy. In case of individuals already benefiting from rent subsidy this will be increased (to an amount not specified). This measure is applicable also if only one dependent has his job terminated.
  • You can check available apartments selecting COVID19 Accommodation as a property type.
  • If you want to collaborate you can upload your property for free at our platform and select COVID19 Accommodation as a property type or can contact us at info@dardingli.com.


National COVID-19 Helpline: 111 (or +356 111 from abroad)

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