5 DIY upgrades to your kitchen

Nov 07, 2021

A kitchen is a sacred place for all the houses of the world. It doesn’t matter its size, the culture of the people using it or the utilities it has, it is a gathering centre for everyone living under the same roof, and nowadays even more due to the fact that TV consumption is less and less being made as to the typical standard in front of the TV in the living room. If you want to really know what is happening in a household, at your workplace or even at the hostel you are staying for a couple of days, the kitchen is the place to be.

Said that it makes sense that in order to have a pleasant time at this popular place, you make some upgrades. In this article, we propose 5 upgrades you can easily make without spending too much time or money and with very good results so you can have a more relaxed and enjoyable time in the kitchen. Without further delay, these are the 5 Upgrades to your Kitchen that you can Make by Yourself:

1. Glass Container.

Do not have all your shelves dusty and appealing for the ants. Use Glass Containers! Using glass containers will make your kitchen look tidy, clean and organized, besides being able to take away all the bugs’ attraction due to spilt spices or cereals for instance. No more boxes and bags with their consequent sealing methods such as tape or clothespins.
Also, these containers are really cheap and available for around 4-8 €, but the price might increase one or two euros more due to the tags you will have to buy to stick in each glass jar, believe us you will appreciate it them once you are in a rush and you almost use sugar in your fried steak instead of salt!

2. Repaint your Kitchen.

Do not have a boring and monotone kitchen, repaint it! If you have an island in your kitchen or a backsplash, the latter for sure is in your kitchen and it needs a coat of bonding. 

Repaint your kitchen and make it original, the island you can paint it with a bright colour, like yellow, orange or red, or the one that suits the best with your kitchen. You want the island to stand out but don’t be too “tacky” or feel it is out of place. This change will not cost you too much, around 100€, you will need to purchase brushes, paint, cloths and sanding materials. 

In regards to your kitchen backsplash, you will be facing higher costs, such as 300€ as average. You can perfectly use some of the previous material we have discussed to paint your kitchen island, plus other materials and tools like tiles, slabs, stainless steel or thermoplastic panels. This way, you can avoid the cooking splashes and stinks stuck at the backsplash that doesn’t look nice at all!

3. Refurbish Kitchen Floor.

Do you have a normal and plain kitchen floor, do not worry with a nice stencil that follows a pattern you can create in your guests a really strong wow effect. This way, you do not need to make a big mess cutting the tiles and don’t show how the tiles have been worn away for use. 

You can also paint all the kitchen floor with an intense colour if you do not want to dedicate more time thinking of a nice stencil. There are many of them which are appealing and exotic such as Arabic influence ones or some Lisboeta ones, Lisbon as many know it is a city famous for their beautiful and handcraft tiles. Painting all the floor perhaps is an elbow grease task, but any of the two options are worthy without any doubt.

4. Kitchen Cabinets.

Those kitchen cabinets look a little bit old, what about face washing them? A makeover of these main parts of the kitchen will make your kitchen look new. You can use some stick contact paper, which in case you are renting the place it is a good measure to don’t leave any trace of your “stylish” action and at the same time, It is also a very cheap measure where you will only spend a maximum of 100€ counting with window cleaning solution, scissors, razor knife, screwdriver and obviously, the contact paper. 

You can also place some glass panels to show a more open perspective of yourself, only be careful which cutlery you display, we recommend your whitest and brightest ones to be placed behind the glass. The types of glasses vary a lot, from a clear ice glass of 13€ to clear vintage wire of 70€, nevertheless, they give a fancy look to your kitchen but at the same time, if you are renting the place perhaps it is not the best option for you.

5. Replace Kitchen Light.

Are you tired of seeing those noisy fluorescent lights on your kitchen ceiling? Do not worry you can replace those with some more charming hanging lights for some affordable prices like 16€. Or, you can create more customized lights with wire. For that task, you will need tools which we have already described like a screwdriver, others more powerful like a drill or a hot glue gun and at last, some more tailored to treat wire like a wire cutter and some wire strippers. You will obviously need the lights themselves like the light bulbs, the cable, the power cord, etc. 

The customization is up to you, you can use a lantern, a wire basket or some embroidered hoops. Also, we suggest if it is your first time to switch off the electricity of that part of the house to avoid any unpleasant “electrifying” experiences. And to finish, be with someone else who can help you to hold the ladder and don’t have any unpredicted falls.

To sum up, we strongly believe these little actions, some easier to perform and less fun for most people, like going to the store and buying some glass containers, or others more risky and fun, like putting together some hanging lights, can make your kitchen comfier and transmit a calmer and organize vibe which indubitably will create a great impression in your guests and in your morning self once you wake up and have to prepare your coffee at this original and flawless kitchen which you can call “yours”.

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