10 tips to share a flat and not die trying.

Mar 01, 2021

10 tips to share a flat and not die trying (and people dancing)

Living in a shared apartment can be a lot of fun, but also stressful. Living together you need to deal with several things: you are forced to see each other every day, each with their own quirks and their own way of doing things. In addition to finding good companions, it is essential to maintain order so as not to end up going crazy. We give you some tips on how to live in a shared apartment and not die trying.

1. Your room is your temple

In a shared apartment in the best of cases we will have a room and a bathroom for us. If not, we will have to settle for our room. This room is our temple, our special place. A room in which we can isolate ourselves if we want and in which we will spend a lot of time. For this reason, our sanctuary must be cared for. It is important that we feel at home in the room, so personalizing it is important. Let us not be afraid to add personality through the walls, with little labels and sheets that you can stick with tape without damaging the walls, or through the textile. You can also make your desk more yours with accessories that identify you, the doors of your closet are another good focal point, and the bed can be filled with your favourite cushions or decorated with lights that you do not use on the Christmas tree. Your room is yours, free your imagination!!!

2. Common areas together but not jumbled

Without any particular order, we can enter, for example, in the division of them: both in bathrooms and in kitchens we will need to have our own space, even if it is a shared room. In the kitchen it is a good idea to reserve several shelves for each inhabitant of the house; not only in the fridge, but also in the storage area or pantry if there is one. Something similar happens in the bathroom. If we do not have a bathroom for ourselves, we will have to find solutions to be able to place our cleaning products. If we can’t divide it is also a good idea to label them, and remember, do not touch the Tupper of food made by your roommates’ mom!!! 

3. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning… and cleaning!!!

Unless we have hired a cleaning service, cleaning is not necessary, is a must! Coexistence can be significantly complicated if we live in a dirty and messy environment. It is not about you beating yourself up. No. Rather, it is about cooperating. We can set a schedule with cleaning shifts, so everyone knows what to do each week. It seems strict, but the truth is that over the years we will realize that this simple rule of shifts and cleanliness can be essential to have a good relationship with our colleagues. We can write it down so that no one escapes, using blackboard walls, blackboards or any element that comes to mind. Of course, no matter how beautiful it is on the wall, it will have to be fulfilled so that peace reigns in our home. You can skip cleaning your room, but the common areas are for everyone, be tidy!!!

4. Parties away from home

We all like parties at home and visits and with the pandemic still around, bars are not an option anymore. However, from the moment we begin to share a flat with someone, we must realize that we are not alone in the apartment or in the neighbourhood. Perhaps the party you want to have today until 3 in the morning is not to the liking of your partner, who has a particularly important exam tomorrow, or your neighbour who is a firefighter and works shifts. If the atmosphere is good and you all get along well, you can organize good parties, but with respect and taking care of the mess afterwards.

5.Consensual guests

It is very good that your cousin, your brother, your boyfriend and even your mother visit you... but in moderation and counting on the other colleagues. Nobody likes to get up in the morning and find a different stranger every day eating breakfast in the kitchen. Tell your colleagues about your visit plans, let them know when they are going to come and go and make your visits participate in the expenses of the apartment, so that no one will see them as "freeloaders" and do not allow them to ever sleep on the sofa. The common areas must always be respected, your visitors sleep in your room and everyone is happy.

6. Shared laundry is always better

Putting 5 washing machines a week is more cumbersome and expensive than putting 3. Reaching an agreement on the days for washing white clothes and coloured clothes can help improve electricity bills and distribution of the hanger. In addition, it also improves the care of clothes. Talk to your colleagues and define those days and who puts and takes the clothes off the hanger each week. One each Monday and Thursday are the best for a 3 people apartment, one for the week clothes and the other to get ready for the weekend. 

7. Warm but not burned

When the electricity bill arrives in winter in a shared apartment you can tremble or jump for joy, it all depends on the head with which you have used the heating: If you close in your room and put your radiator on the hours that you feel like a day, think that sooner or later your colleagues will know that you are abusing the heating. Sit down and decide what time you coincide at home to put all the radiators together. The house will heat up earlier and the bill will go down. You can also ask the owner to hire a personalized plan with the electricity company and save even more. 21ºC/ 19ºC is the optimal to be comfy at home. 

8. Control security

Doors tightly closed when leaving, taps that do not leak, heating and lights off… These are basic gestures that we all do in our homes and that we should continue to do in the flats where we live with more people. We will avoid many troubles if we are a little careful. Be mindful of your keys and try to find a neighbour to leave some spare keys in case of an accident. 

9. The rolls of a night at the hotel

No one judges your sexual life or your habits, but when you share a flat with more people you should bear in mind that bringing strangers home is a risk that you cannot afford for yourself and for your companions and companions. If you have discovered the man or woman of your life, you will have plenty of time to meet him and introduce him to your colleagues, so a hotel for that first night is the best option. You never know how that idyllic night will end and if you do not know anything about that person you can avoid unpleasant scenes or worse. Don’t let your house become a foster house for boys/girls lost in the pubs. 

10. Money and jewelry in the bank 

Never keep significant amounts of money or valuable jewelry in your shared apartment. It is not mistrusting your colleagues; it is not giving reasons for having to do so. Normally the insurance that the owners take out does not cover the tenants’ assets so avoid disappointments and live with the fairness. In contrast, it is always good to share spare coins so everyone has cash if readily need it.

No matter how hard you try, if you share a flat with different people throughout your life, there will always be someone you dislike, or who does not clean, or who is directly crazy (and if there is no one, that person is you ). So the best thing is that you get ready, take a deep breath, because the fun has only just begun and Dardingli is here to help you.
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